And we’re finally stable

So after a whole day’s worth of work, bug testing, bug killing, filehost link testing, stress testing, download testing, and resume testing.. well.. we’re finally stable. At least, that’s what I can say. I’ve test the hosts over a dozen times now over all the servers we operate and everything is checking out.

I did have a few tickets complaining of failed generations and/or downloads but when I checked those, it was checking out fine. I’ve also had a user who wasn’t happy about the downtime. That’s one user who expressed how he felt about it. I’m still not sure how many users actually feel that our dedication and service is not up to the mark. If you’re one of those, please let us know. This will help us in amending anything wrong that we’ve been doing with the way we handle situations here at RPNet.

There’s a couple announcements to make, so I’ll be quick with them so I can get back to fixing stuff up on the UserCP news and the rest.

- Fileserve is finally fixed. Link generation may occasionally fail. If it does, try it again. We’re going to perfect it over the next day or two. The downloads now do not expire. They pause and resume just fine. So you can generate, say, 10 links and leave them to download over night. Previously, the download links expired amazingly quick. We’ve implemented the workaround to this so all should be going good now.

- There’s a 20gb/day download limit for Megaupload. This is NOT PERMANENT. This is just a simple experimental phase. Please do not be surprised.

- One (or possibly more than one, but not a majority) of our users’ have been abusing Hotfile downloads a lot. I’ve asked Dman to check on that as soon as he gets in. So if some of you come across constantly failing link generation, it’s probably because our Hotfile account(s) were suspended thanks to that abuse. Please be patient in this regard as this will be sorted out as soon as Dman gets in. That should be a few hours from now.

- We’ve finally perfected and implemented zShare. So yeah, that’s a new host we’ve added. It’s one of the hosts we’ve planned to add for sometime now but we could not thanks to persistent issues that kept cropping up. Test drive your zShare downloads all you want :)

- We will not be able to add FileSonic. The reason is still the same. Bandwidth limits with no ability to purchase more bandwidth. The only way is to buy more accounts. And that’s just not feasible. I’m sorry about this, but there’s not much I can do.

- Every account in the system was credited with a 3 day bonus extension owing to the downtime for the past 24 hours.

I’m still awake for a couple hours. So I’ll be handling your tickets in case you come across troubles with your download(s).

And last, but not the least – a huge round of applause to Insolsence for his work on RPNet. He coded the new link generation system in an amazing timeframe and the way he has handled everything was completely professional. We realize that the new system had some serious bugs, but they were fixed within a reasonable time and everyone was compensated for the loss.

Before I conclude this post, I’d like to apologize to everyone at large for the 24 hours of messed up downloading experience. That was clearly not our intention. And we’ve worked all day today to fix every bug we’ve managed to find. The end result has been a more stable link generation/download system, the fileserve fix, and a new filehost (zShare). And of course, 3 days of extension that we owe to everyone.

Please remember to use the helpdesk for support queries. Posting your support related issues on this post will only cause unwanted delays in assisting you in a proper manner.

Hamza Y

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  1. Bobby (2 comments) Says:

    Great work, this is the best site I have used. If there are any problems, they get fixed quick. Thank you for the great service!!!

  2. Koen (2 comments) Says:

    Great work on all the updates, much much appreciated. Good stuff with zShare, I already got a FileSonic account but it pretty much sucks. zShare was like the only one I missed out on the huge list, maybe Oron could be added?

  3. Anas (1 comments) Says:

    Good news.

    I’m surprised to see zShare added before the most voted filehosts … good for me :P

    nice work everyone :)

  4. tg2345 (2 comments) Says:

    Most people upload to hotfile/fileserve since they are the top paying so I try switch up the usage since all the problems you had with hotfile. So hopefully others do the same, since if you guys dropped hotfile support I’m pretty sure everyone would be PISSED

  5. Eddie (5 comments) Says:

    Nice work, your efforts are much appreciated!

  6. Sincere (6 comments) Says:

    I was planning on purchasing a month account, since it’s been a while, when all of these problems took place. I’ll wait for MU limit to be gone, but I must say your customer service is still #1. Even behind the scenes, I’m impressed.

  7. spazo (4 comments) Says:

    Great Stuff well done to the whole Rpnet team.

  8. redferret (1 comments) Says:

    Thanks for everyone’s hard work,can’t be easy running a set up like this. Sorry about filesonic but totally understand. Thanks also for the credits on accounts. Your doing a fantastic job providing a fantastic service.

  9. HJSC (11 comments) Says:

    Great news!! Thanks to all team RPNet (Hamza, Insolsence and Dman), for hard work!
    Now yes, FileServer running ok.

  10. Amit (2 comments) Says:

    Thank you so much. You guys are amazing.
    I just would like to know how much limit is for hotfile links as I have been downloading a lot for 3 days and Hamza Y. has used word “abusing”. Please let me know if there is any policy for that.
    Thank you again and alute to your team.
    Best wishes

  11. Amit (2 comments) Says:

    Thank you so much. You guys are amazing.
    I just would like to know how much limit is for hotfile links as I have been downloading a lot for 3 days and Hamza Y. has used word “abusing”. Please let me know if there is any policy for that.
    Thank you again and Salute to your team.
    Best wishes

  12. anechoic (1 comments) Says:

    Hi RP Team,

    Thanks for good work and giving us the info on the progress. :D

  13. Mesh (2 comments) Says:

    Thanks a lot for everything and all the hard work put it :) Keep up the good work!

  14. Creep (3 comments) Says:

    Hey you folks !
    Thank very much for putting in the time and effort to fix this in such a short time, i work with the Servers and Software on a daily basis and know exactly how tough the situation could get ! Cheers for the Good Work.I am sure you will have fixed all the bugs and thanks for zShare download as well.
    I am extremely happy with the way things are done at RPNet and i am confident that you will continue to address some insane customer expectations on your journey to greater success ! All the very best
    Peace Out

  15. Nicolas (2 comments) Says:

    Thanks bro Hamza all is well
    Missing details from MU but it was solved
    It seems it was worth waiting. :)

  16. Lovenuts (3 comments) Says:

    Thank you Hamza, Dman and Insolsence for the wonderful work you’ve been putting in so far. I can vouch for the service standards you guys deliver. It’s second to none. One of the best I’ve ever experienced. I’ve never been disappointed with you guys and the additional days you give for the downtime is more than compensation enough.

    So I’ve no idea why anyone has a need to complain. There’s no other site of this kind with this amount of standard of customer service and service quality.

    I love the work you guys do and I’m a fan, a groupie if you must. With the amazing Insolsence onboard, I can only look forward with anticipation as to what great things RPNet has in store for us!

  17. kiomakify (2 comments) Says:

    Thank you Hamza for your hard work..but i still cant download anything..the thing says tht it cant connect to database…

  18. kiomakify (2 comments) Says:

    Thnk u Hamza for your hard work..but i still cant download says can not connect to database!!


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