Hello to Insolsence. Welcome back to all.

My post titles usually are not weird. This one is an exception. Although it isn’t really weird. And you’ll be agreeing with me once you’ve finished reading this post.

I figured I got bored of writing ‘Updates’ and/or ‘More updates’, so I’d go with a more interesting title. One that did not make sense initially would obviously grab your attention and get you to read the post to make sense of the title. After all, a blog post on here has to make sense, does it not?

So, let’s begin!

Hello to Insolsence

Insolsence (that’s his nickname. His name is Ishbir.) is a well known programmer on a certain community that I won’t mention here. Well at least, that’s how people would put it. I’ll say, he’s a genius 14 year old kid who also happens to be a genius programmer. It’s been a week since Ishbir joined our team. And he’s now taken over code maintenance.

That brings our count to 3 members. Me, Dman, and Ishbir.

With Ishbir on the team, you can expect to have resolutions to technical issues a lot more faster. And of course, new developments will also be pushed out faster now. Ishbir has enough time on his hands these days and his initial work on the code has been nothing short of amazing. So I’d say my decision to take him in was a wise one. And one that I cannot possibly regret.

I’ll be creating an account for Ishbir on this blog, so if you’d like to see something from him, wait for it ;)

Welcome back to all

Now that sounds like a dramatic part in the title. You could say that, partially. It’s not like we were gone anywhere, but that’s how it did seem to appear for the time period that Paypal payments were disabled. With the new payment system, everything seems to be running smooth.

There’s two reasons to why this announcement is important. One of them is the special promo coupon code. The other, is the upcoming affiliate system.

The promo code can be used for the 1 month renewal. It brings down the price from $7.95 to $4.95. Knocking off $3 may not really seem like a lot, but when you think about the original price and the discounted price and the level of service you’re getting, $4.95 is REALLY cheap. The catch in this is quite simple. This coupon can only be used 30 times. Meaning 30 lucky members will be able to grab this special offer. It won’t go out in an email newsletter. No. It’ll be put up at the end of this blog post! But don’t scroll towards the end right now! Oh well, fine, go ahead. It’s all about luck. If you spot it before it has run out, consider yourself one of the lucky 30!

The upcoming affiliate system, on the other hand, is more of a pre-announcement. I have’t even gotten round to test driving the affiliate system yet. So I’d say it’ll be about a week or two before the affiliate system is released. We’ll decide on a % payout and such. We’ll also occasionally hand over coupon codes to our affiliates exclusively which should help you with better conversions :)

That’s all there is to it at the moment. Really. I’ll be having another round of update(s) in a few days so keep checking back for those ;)

Oh and the coupon code, of course. It’s WELCOMEBACK. :)

Hamza Y

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  1. commonjunks (1 comments) Says:

    Hamza good move, but why now if 2 days ago i could have use it :( .

    Hamza (268 comments) Reply:

    I had to sort out a couple things. You can always use the coupon to renew it for another month. You won’t get that sort of price if you wait it out. I don’t expect these 30 coupons to last longer than a day :P

  2. Insolsence (33 comments) Says:

    Thanks for the warm welcome buddy! Am enjoying every minute already.

  3. hahdi (13 comments) Says:

    ;) renewed.. great service guys!

  4. HJSC (14 comments) Says:

    Be very welcome Insolsence ;D

    Insolsence (33 comments) Reply:

    Thank you for the welcome.

  5. mimynlodyve (48 comments) Says:

    Whoa! A code @ 14 years old! That’s cool! I always wanted to learn coding LOL.. IT’s my interest :D

    mimynlodyve (48 comments) Reply:

    opps i meant coder.. LOL

  6. rpssassin (2 comments) Says:

    SAD FACE!!! Already expired :(


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